About us

Elegance Davet Sarayları

In 2017, reception areas with a total area of 5800m2 with the concept of Elegance, which became Palaces Invite 3 separate lounge. 800 and 360 persons, 2 room and we are at your service with a different service!

Wedding, engagement, henna, circumcision, wedding, business meeting, invocation, graduation ceremony, birthday and all your other organizations that we custom design for you to live unforgettable moments in the halls, are you ready?

Our facilities prompted harem-is able to serve as a greeting, is perfectly suited to all events and entertainment content calgili.

The table layout which can be designed according to the wishes of our guests, and parts are available. The team also Islamic to be used in the invitation of the orchestra, the Divine artist, whirling dervishes show, recitation of Quran, the content of the invitation, a special sermon, etc. programs are organized.

Invite your invitation an unforgettable experience as we aim to give you the elegance of the palaces. In line with this, our experienced staff, luxurious room, delicious food and our service we are ready to give!

"We do love our job, our love bear witness to!"