Henna Night

Henna Night

Başakşehir 1.Invited to the Ottoman palace in place, on the night of the henna lounge with 2 separate organizations serve.

the 5-star quality service providing to our room, the quality of the food has been involved in the region. The staff consists of professional staff, both kitchen and service. Projections and the latest technology for organizing a bridal shower your guests with fabulous sound system to unleash!

our special menus on the night of the henna in the area, organizing an unforgettable event for our team of professional hurry...

(within the scope of personal privacy, we do publish the images that belong to the organization on the night of the henna)

  • Hall Can Be Designed For Up To 900 Guests

    • Projection / Projector
    • Wireless Internet
    • Television
    • HD sound system
    • Center, USB/CD/DVD Service
    • Wireless and wired Microphone
    • Laser Pointer
    • Tribune
    • Hot / Cold Air-Conditioning System
    • Uninterrupted Energy Services
    • Generator Service
    • Lighting In A Variety Of Colors
    • Rich meat and chicken Menus
    • Aperitif or cocktail menus
    • Break Menus
    • Customizable Menus
    • Free Parking
    • Free Valet Service
    • WC high capacity
    • Places of worship
    • Baby Care Room