designed for business meetings and to various organizations, as appropriate, the hall's technical infrastructure and allows you to organize a professional event for your guests with the quality of service.

Ataturk Airport and 3. 15min from the airport (14KM) away from traffic because it is in a location that is going to have a problem on transportation. The city's short and spacious with a trip to the main road without going critical, you can arrange transportation.

The Seminar, launch, dealer meetings, annual meetings, and all our facilities are designed for social organizations in terms of transportation time savings with the quality of service allows you to make a productive meeting.

you can contact our sales manager for detailed information.

  • Hall Can Be Designed For Up To 900 Guests

    • Projection / Projector
    • Wireless Internet
    • Television
    • HD sound system
    • Center, USB/CD/DVD Service
    • Wireless and wired Microphone
    • Laser Pointer
    • Tribune
    • Hot / Cold Air-Conditioning System
    • Uninterrupted Energy Services
    • Generator Service
    • Lighting In A Variety Of Colors
    • Rich meat and chicken Menus
    • Aperitif or cocktail menus
    • Break Menus
    • Customizable Menus
    • Free Parking
    • Free Valet Service
    • WC high capacity
    • Places of worship
    • Baby Care Room