feel Yourself in the Ottoman palaces

the round table edited in our salon with our professional team, our service offerings and carefully crafted our menus with 100 to 1000 people for weddings etc) in your invitation: we're together in the most important moments in your life!

we care about your wedding! Working with expert staff in both kitchen and service in the field and 5-Star standards, which serves only invited to the Ottoman palace, is aware of how valuable your time is.

you choose the date and we will organize it let me do the rest.

  • Hall Can Be Designed For Up To 900 Guests

    • Projection / Projector
    • Wireless Internet
    • Television
    • HD sound system
    • Center, USB/CD/DVD Service
    • Wireless and wired Microphone
    • Laser Pointer
    • Tribune
    • Hot / Cold Air-Conditioning System
    • Uninterrupted Energy Services
    • Generator Service
    • Lighting In A Variety Of Colors
    • Rich meat and chicken Menus
    • Aperitif or cocktail menus
    • Break Menus
    • Customizable Menus
    • Free Parking
    • Free Valet Service
    • WC high capacity
    • Places of worship
    • Baby Care Room